Naturally Grown Beef


Grass Fed, Grain Finished

 Our Angus crossed cattle are raised on 1,200 acres of rolling hills in Colbert, GA.  We believe in naturally raising calves without the use of steroids or growth hormones. Brush Creek calves are grass-fed diet along their mother's side and finished out on a grain-fed based diet.   


Low Stress Environment

Our cattle are handled in a low stress environment; it has been proven that beef grades out more tender under these conditions. Through special planning and careful feed management, we produce healthy, lean beef without compromising flavor, tenderness and natural juices. 



Steaks are packaged in quantities of one or two steaks, and are cut approximately 1 ½” thick. Ground beef is packaged in a one-pound tube. Cubed steak and stew beef are packaged on a tray at approximately 1 lb. each. Roasts will weigh approximately 3 to 6 lbs. each. All packages are vacuum sealed. Purchase a half or whole steer to customize your beef.


Why Brush Creek Beef?

  • From our farm to you, no middleman
  • Calves are born and pasture raised here
  • Raised without growth hormones or steroids
  • USDA licensed and inspected processing facility
  • Our beef is labeled, vacuum-sealed, and frozen to ensure quality and safety of meat
  • Georgia Grown Product
  • BQA Certified Employees