About Us

Coleman and Betty Whitehead

Fourth Generation Farmers

 Brush Creek Farm was purchased in 1993 by Coleman and David Whitehead. Coleman and David worked to turn timberland into beautiful rolling pastures for their cattle to graze. A few short years later, Brush Creek Farm was home to the Brush Creek Sporting Club for 12 years which drew large crowds of people to the farm to hunt and shoot. After the hunting club closed, the farm became a full-time cattle farm which has hosted many events over the years.   


Working Together

 We take pride in preserving this farm for future generations as we have taken steps to ensure the conservation of the land through our practices. The family has grown over the years, and now the fourth generation is growing up to learn how this farm operates.  


Our Family

Center: David and Holly Whitehead

Left: Matt, Mille, Buck and Colt Whitehead

Right: Matthew, Kayla, and Gracelyn Brinckmann

Brush Creek Farm

Brush Creek Twins